Celeb Gossip: My Issue With Kanye West

BBC Radio

BBC Radio

Recently, Kanye West did an interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe. The 4 part interview featured West talking about what he’s gone through with designers not accepting his work, hip hop as the new rock & roll, his “God-ness,” Wreck-It Ralph and much…much more.

Interpretive freedom allows viewers to listen to this interview and decipher it any which way they want. That theory allows people to say he’s crazy or he’s brilliant. Yes, in theory this could all make sense but in reality it is a mess of incomplete thoughts that are longing to be rearranged into a meaningful existence.

I want so bad to be able to take what West says as insightful and really join in on his revolution. The issue is that no one but West knows what exactly that revolution is about. We might understand pieces of his argument but no one can say that when he speaks, they have a clear view of the pictures he is painting.

Personal life aside, West is a confused individual. He uses samples from other composers’ work and adds his own twist to them to make music that is sonically pleasing to the ear and then calls himself a genius. I love his music. I think he is a great producer and artist but genius…god?┬áNo. And who’s to say that there’s anything wrong with that viewpoint.

It’s beautiful to see a black man love himself and put his work on a pedestal. I am all for it but to lash out when anyone has a differing opinion about what should be placed on that pedestal instead is downright tacky. I believe West is so consumed in his own being that he forgets that not everyone is him.

No one is looking for West to be perfect. There will always be naysayers but such is life. West should focus on doing what makes him happy. If pushing his message forward is what will make him happy then he should do it in complete thoughts. I am open to what he has to say, I just can’t fully receive that message if I am always waiting for clarification.


Ashley Renee